Preclinical Resources

The combined resources available for preclinical studies are listed below.

In vitro

The equipment available for in vitro/ex vivo work includes: analytical balances, microcentrifuges, table top centrifuges, (fluorescent) microscopes, laminar flow hoods, CO2 incubators, shaking water baths, liquid nitrogen storage for cells, refrigerators, freezers, gel electrophoresis, microplate readers, pH meters, Z1 Coulter counter, light box, and access to the shared use equipment within Hillman Cancer Center which includes: liquid scintillation counters, gamma counters, X-ray film developers, Molecular Dynamics Densitometer, ultracentrifuges, autoclaving and glass washing services, Tecan Safire and Licor Odyssey, etc.

In vivo

The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources University of Pittsburgh maintains the animal care facilities at the Hillman Cancer Center, Basic Research Pavilion, and is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care. Within the Central Animal Facility, Dr. Beumer has a dedicated laboratory (G11.8) and fully equipped animal procedure room (G11.9), as well as an animal housing room (G11.28a) capable of handling 1500 rodents at any time.


Analytical equipment available for preclinical research includes a Perkin-Elmer model AAnalyst 600 Atomic Absorption spectrometer, two regular HPLC UV systems with dual wavelength, photo-diode-array, fluorescence detector, and one HPLC system with UV and radioactivity detection, four Waters QuattroMicro triple stage mass spectrometers, and two Applied Biosystems 4000 triple-quadrupoles. All mass spectrometric detectors are supplied with high purity nitrogen generated by a Parker Balston nitrogen generator model 75-880, supplied with compressed air by a Copto air-compressor located in the basement of Hillman Cancer Center.




Major equipment at the UPDDI

  • 7 tissue culture hoods
  • 14 CO2 tissue culture incubators
  • Multiple perfusion pumps with capabilities to run up to 80 microphysiological devices at a time
  • Multimode plate readers
    • Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 and M5E
    • FlexStation 3 kinetic reader
    • Perkin Elmer EnVision
  • High content imaging platforms
    • GE Healthcare IN Cell 6000 laser based confocal system
    • Two Molecular Devices Image Xpress Ultra laser point scanning confocal systems integrated with a Thermo CRT Catalyst Express plate handler
  • ArrayScan VTi wide-field system integrated with a Caliper Twister II plate handler
  • Microscopes
    • Two Olympus IX50 microscopes equipped with epifluorescence and monochrome/color CCD cameras (video capable)
    • Two Leica DM IL inverted phase contrast microscopes
    • Two cell culture microscopes
  • Robotic liquid handling systems for bulk delivery of reagents or cells
    • Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi
    • Biotek Microflo
  • Automated compound dilution and transfer systems
    • Perkin Elmer Multiprobe
    • Evolution EP3
    • Janus MDT
    • Velocity 11 Bravo
  • Two BioTek plate washers for washing cells in 96- and 384-well plates.


List of UPDDI analysis software

  • Two IDBS ActivityBase™ LIMS with Chemistry Selection Assistants, and Protocol Transfer Assistants seats
  • Two IDBS SARview seats
  • Three licenses for the IN Cell Investigator HCS software
  • Two Cellomics platinum packages of Bio-Application image analysis algorithms
  • Four vHCS™ Discovery Toolbox licenses and four vHCS™ View licenses
  • 6 Spotfire® data visualization licenses
  • MetaXpress and Acuity site licenses
  • A Definiens image intelligence suite for custom image analysis including one developer, one architect, and two Cellenger licenses


 List of UPDDI servers

  • A scalable Dell Compellent Storage Center SC4020 solution as the central data warehouse with 72 TB formatted storage, upgradeable to 408 TB without any major configuration change
  • A scalable EMC CX300 Storage Area Network (SAN) solution with 36 TB formatted storage
  • Two Dell PowerEdge (PE) R720 servers with 128 GB memory, dual Intel Xeon E5 processors and 12 TB local storage for virtualization of workstations and servers
  • two Dell PE 2850 Windows file servers with 8 GB memory and two Dual Core 2.8 GHz CPUs
  • A PE R720 server with 16 GB memory, dual Intel Xeon E5 processors and 25 TB storage to host the GE IN Cell Miner database
  • A PE 2850 Oracle Database and IDBS ActivityBaseÔ LIMS server with 8 GB memory and two Dual Core 2.8GHz CPUs
  • Two Dell PE2950 servers with 16 & 4 GB memory and two Dual Core 2.8GHz CPUs with MS SQLServer 2008 to house the ArrayScan® VTI and ArrayScan II Cellomics StoreÔ databases
  • A PE 2850 server with 8 GB memory and two Dual Core 2.8GHz CPUs with MS-SQLServer 2008 to house the Molecular Devices MDCStore database
  • A high-performance Dell 2950 application server with four analysis engines and two high-speed dual quad-core CPUs to house the Definiens image intelligence suite.
  • A Dell PE R730 server with dual 2.1 GHz Intel Xeon processors, 32 GB memory, and 32 TB of disk space dedicated to the MPS-Db.