Drs. Mark Schurdak and Bert Gough, principal investigators leading the development of the Microphysiology Systems Database (MPS-Db), are hosting a series of webinars introducing the MPS-Db, its features and benefits, as well as diving into the details on using the MPS-Db to manage, analyze, share and computationaly model MPS data.

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  • Introduction to the Microphysiology Systems Database (MPS-Db) – A Critical Tool for Managing, Analyzing, and Modeling MPS Experimental Data (October 6, 2020) A video recording of the webinar is available on MPS-dB help page https://mps.csb.pitt.edu/help/
  • Designing studies and choosing test compounds in the Db (November 10, 2020)- registration link coming soon
  • Study workflow and data entry (December 8, 2020)-registration link coming soon
  • Data analysis in the Db (January, 2021)- registration link coming soon
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