Microphysiology Systems Database

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Microphysiology Systems (MPS) promise to be exceptionally informative in quantifying and understanding human organ physiology, toxicology, disease biology and drug discovery, and have the potential to complement and perhaps ultimately supersede animal studies for evaluating drug efficacy and safety. To be accepted by industry, the performance, reproducibility, strengths, and limitations of the MPS must be well characterized.  We have developed and implemented a Microphysiology database (MPS-Db) for the purpose of assessing toxicity in the liver MPS, and have been extending the functionality to include other MPS organ models for acquiring, analyzing, modeling and predicting toxicity as part of the Tissue-Chip-Testing-Center (TCTC) program.  This database has been designed to aggregate and manage MPS data, integrate MPS data with human and animal exposure data, and to enable the evaluation of MPS results with reference and clinical data.  The MPS-Db provides user access over the internet to access and retrieve relevant data from other internet databases, and access MPS data in a secure manner.  (Gough et al, Applied In Vitro Tox., 2:103, 2016). mps.csb.pitt.edu