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Ivet Bahar, PhD

Distinguished Professor & JK Vries Chair Computational & Systems Biology Dept School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

Bogazici University, Istanbul BS 6/1980
Chemical Engineering Bogazici University, Istanbul MS 6/1983
Chemical Engineering Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul PhD 2/1986 Chemistry

As the Founding Chair of the Department of Computational and Systems Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, and an Associate Director of the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute, I am dedicated to initiating and establishing collaborative and interdisciplinary research and training activities in the areas of computational and systems biology. Our lab is currently developing models and methods for exploring the structure and dynamics of complex biological systems at multiple scales, from full atomic interactions to supramolecular machinery. We have made online accessible to the biomedical community a large number of broadly used software, servers, and databases. Our overarching goal is to bridge between molecular structure and biological function, and to fill the gap between current molecular simulations and systems-level mathematical models. To this aim, we have introduced coarse-grained models and methods with structural and/or spatiotemporal details at various levels of resolution which can efficiently and accurately explore mesoscopic scales.

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Primary Address
Biomedical Science Tower 3, 3501 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
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